Success Stories

Florence - Going Home

Florence started therapy demonstrating decreased activity tolerance, decreased independence and safety with transfers and decreased independence with dressing. After therapy focused on safe transfer training, balance, modified dressing techniques and gait retraining Florence was able to return home.

Estelle - "The therapy was very nice"

Estelle participated in therapy with a focus on balance, strengthening, modified dressing, and gait training. After participating in therapy she was able to return to her assisted living apartment safely. Great job Estelle!

Devon - Choose a Facility

Devon recently was diagnosed with Alzheimer's He knew he was no longer at home but had no idea where he was. He was very weak and had difficulty getting out of bed and dressing. His speech was mostly nonsensical with only occasional clear words. Our team camp up with a care plan for him that included nursing, physical and social rehabilitation. Also our therapy staff worked closely with him to help him overcome his weakness. During his stay with us he experienced different activities that made him more social and his speech became clearer. By increasing his social skills and through our therapy program his speech was improving. After a few month's Devon was able to join his wife back at the house where he was comfortable in his own home with the care of his wife Betty.